About us

Mission of the Company:

To provide an affordable and reliable rental service for LEGO sets in India.

Vision of the Company:

Make our kids to spend less time in front of digital screens and more time enriching their minds and creativity with LEGO play.


From the Founder:

We're revolutionizing the way kids use LEGO sets in life by providing an affordable and reliable rental service.

It was an evening of 2014 when the founder, Kashyap Shah wandering in toy store to buy a LEGO set. That was the day he realised that despite of their world class quality they have become too expensive over a period of time. Further, after a considerable amount of research, he realised that there isn't any online toy library exclusively dedicated for world class LEGO sets that can help parents to rent LEGO set of there own choice and thats how - funstation.in was born. It needed to be a kind of service that would target LEGO fans- both kids and adult, who just cant stop playing with LEGOs.

We continue to achieve excellence in all that we do and hope to exceed expectations while we run as many LEGOs from door-to-door.