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LEGO Castle: 70402 - The Gatehouse Raid

LEGO Castle: 70...

Fend off the Dragon forces as they stage a Gatehouse Raid!Ready, aim and fire your weapons! The Drag..
LEGO City: 3366 - Satellite Launch Pad

LEGO City: 3366...

Send this deep space dish over the moon and into orbit!Send the new communications satellite soaring..
LEGO City: 4431 - Ambulance

LEGO City: 4431...

Race the patient to the hospital!There’s been an accident at the traffic lights and we need an ambul..
LEGO City: 4437 - Police Pursuit

LEGO City: 4437...

Catch the robber on the run with the police ATV!Help! The robber is getting away in his cool off-roa..
LEGO City: 60002 - Fire truck

LEGO City: 6000...

Put out the biggest blazes with the amazing LEGO® City Fire Truck!Get to your action stations! There..
LEGO City: 60012 - Coast Guard 4x4 & Diving Boat

LEGO City: 6001...

Save the day with the Coast Guard 4x4 and Diving Boat!Save the day with the LEGO® City Coast Guard 4..
LEGO City: 60017 -  Flatbed Truck

LEGO City: 6001...

Fix the broken down car with the LEGO® City Flatbed Truck!The car has broken down and the businesswo..
LEGO City: 60019 - Stunt Plane

LEGO City: 6001...

Refuel the Stunt Plane for gravity-defying fun!Pull up alongside the sleek Stunt Plane in the Octan™..
LEGO City: 60042 -  High Speed Police Chase

LEGO City: 6004...

Start a High Speed Police Chase and catch the crooks on their motorbikes!Look out! The two crooks ar..
LEGO City: 60048 -  Police Dog Unit

LEGO City: 6004...

Make a police-dog arrest before the crooks escape with the precious goods!Catch the crooks red-hande..
LEGO City: 60056 - Tow Truck

LEGO City: 6005...

Clear the biggest broken-down vehicles with the awesome Tow Truck!When the biggest trucks in LEGO® C..
LEGO City: 60057 -  Camper Van

LEGO City: 6005...

Pack up the Camper Van and get ready for riverside adventures!Prepare for exciting outdoor adventure..
LEGO City: 60058 - SUV with Watercraft

LEGO City: 6005...

Drive to LEGO® City beach and get ready for some watercraft fun!Jump in the SUV and cruise down to L..
LEGO City: 60078- Utility Shuttle

LEGO City: 6007...

Blast off into space aboard the awesome Utility Shuttle!Blast off into space aboard the high-tech Ut..
LEGO City: 60101 - Airport Cargo Plane

LEGO City: 6010...

Load up the Cargo Plane and get ready to fly!Help the pilot and the airport worker get the packages ..